M.S. Degree in Childhood Education & Special Education (Grades 1-6)

The program in Childhood Education and Special Education offers a course of study for teacher candidates to become educational leaders who can practice theory and theorize practice in childhood education settings to implement effective teaching practices for culturally and ability diverse students and school communities. Designed for those interested in teaching children from first through sixth grade across subject areas, the program combines rigorous course work with clinical experiences to prepare candidates for initial or professional New York State dual certificationin Childhood Education (Grades 1 - 6) and Students with Disabilities (Grades 1 - 6).

The Childhood Education/Special Education Program requires 36 credit hours. Coursework includes 15 credit hours of general pedagogical core courses and 21 credit hours of specific pedagogical courses, including six credit hours of Field Experience and Practicum. A culminating E-portfolio, presenting course-based learning artifacts to demonstrate satisfactory development as an effective novice teacher, is required for graduation.


Childhood Education and Special Education, Grades 1 – 6

Non-Credit Tuition-Free Seminars and Workshops

Non-Credit Seminars and Preparation Workshops for NYSTCE (New York State Teacher Certification Examinations)