Osnat Zaken, Ed.D.

Director of Assessment and Testing, Associate Professor

Dr. Zaken has spent 25 years in the field of education in various roles. Prior to her education-related experience, she worked for the Ministry of Finance in Israel as the Director of Western European Economic Community Coordinator where she worked on the European Economic Community Directives and the impact of these directives on Israeli businesses and banks who considered initiating financial services in the European Community. In addition to her role as Director of Western European Economic Community Coordinator, she traded foreign exchange for Israeli banks and high-net-worth clientele.

Dr. Zaken is a Board Member of the National Education Finance Conference.  The NEFC is a leading organization which provides a venue for collaboration among legislators; postsecondary education, school district and state agency personnel; professional organizations; and researchers concerned with the importance of equity, adequacy, and efficiency concepts that affect revenue generation, distribution and expenditures.

Dr. Zaken been published in prominent education finance journals such as "Journal of Education Finance" and "Education Considerations" When asked why she changed careers, Dr. Zaken stated that she has always loved teaching and even focused her doctoral dissertation on the finance of education and interviewed prominent personnel regarding their opinions on how to fund education. 

Dr. Zaken is enthusiastic about her role as professor and is eager to apply her knowledge and experience to generating a high caliber of quality students who will become contributing members and assets to their communities.