NYC Teaching Academies:

Your NYC teaching career begins here.

Teaching Academies prepare future teachers for a rewarding career in NYC public schools.

Completing your practicum (student teaching) in a Teaching Academy gives you access to unique benefits and opportunities: 

  • Guidance, support, and feedback from an experienced cooperating Collaborative Coach (cooperating teacher)
  • Opportunities to teach every day
  • A built-in network of other pre-service teachers at the same Teaching Academy
  • Weekly skill-building sessions to practice and strengthen teaching techniques and edTPA support
  • A certificate of completion
  • Preferential hiring in NYC DOE schools
  • Early career support and resources

To qualify for the NYCTA a candidate needs to be registered for Practicum courses SEDN 695, SEDN 683 or SEDN 678.

Interested in a placement at a NYC Teaching Academy?
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