Instructional Technology

Master the technologies that are reshaping education in the 21st century. 

Our Master's program in Instructional Technology equips educators with intensive training in the latest educational technologies. Administered through Touro’s Graduate School of Technology, the 33-credit program includes 120 hours of fieldwork and results in a degree from the Graduate School of Education.

Study Online or In-Person, It’s Your Choice!

The Instructional Technology Program can now be taken 100 percent online.  International F1 students must take 6 credits (2 classes) per semester in the classroom and may take the other 3 credits (1 class) online, while domestic students may choose any combination of online and in-person classes.

What You’ll Learn

Courses focus on diverse aspects of teaching and instructional technology. You’ll study the policies that have shaped the American public school system and explore the finer points of planning a comprehensive and culturally-responsive curriculum for general and special education students. You’ll sharpen your expertise in widely used programs and applications, and learn how to teach children to use Web and software technologies in creative and research projects.

The program culminates in a capstone that asks you to design and execute an innovative classroom technology project in real time. Our goal is to train educators in the technical and ideological power of technology to enrich student education and enact positive change.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be eligible to apply for NYS teacher certification in Instructional Technology. Review our admissions requirements and certification guidelines before applying, and contact us with any questions.