Faculty Bid Farewell to GSE Class of 2016

In a farewell message to the Graduate School of Education class of 2016, faculty and staff share some parting reminders and advice, such as…

June 29, 2016
  • “Make yourself visible, and build a community, in your school.”
  • “Never forget that you’re teaching the citizens of the future.”
  • “Be prepared, be organized, and be on time. Make your classroom an environment that’s user-friendly and attractive.”
  • “Really believe, in your heart, that everyone can learn, and that you can reach everyone according to their needs.”
  • “Don’t measure success every day. Measure it over a week, over a month. But don’t think, every day, that you’re going to get immediate gratification. Teaching and instruction is a lifelong process.”
  •  “Do research in order to bring in the latest information and resources [to your classroom] so that you can empower your students and produce a very high level of academic achievement.”
  • “As an ESL teacher, you’re there not just to teach content, but to give emotional support.”
  • “If you need assistance with any issues, speak to colleagues or an administrator.”
  •  “Have a sense of confidence in your own teaching abilities and your own skills.”

Congratulations, GSE Class of 2016!