2017 Conference Planning Committee

Provost Patricia Salkin (Graduate and Professional Divisions)

Dr. Nadja Graff (Vice President, Division of Graduate Studies)

Dr. Sabra Brock (Interim Dean, Graduate School of Business)

Dr. Marcella Bullmaster-Day (Interim Associate Dean, Graduate School of Education)

Dr. Rima Aranha (Research Professor, Lander Center for Educational Research)

Professor Tracy McGaugh Norton (Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center)

Dr. Elina Lampert-Shepel (Chair, Childhood Education and Special Education, Grades 1 – 6; Director, Teacher Residency Program)

Dr. Rivka Molinky (Associate Dean of Students and Innovation, School of Health Sciences)

Professor Jack Graves (Director of Digital Legal Education, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center)

Professor Gena Bardwell (Interim Director of General Education, School of Career and Applied Studies)

Professor Henry Wicke Jr. (School of Career and Applied Studies)