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Our Work

The EAC provides services, upon request and at no cost, to states and school districts to effectively address equity issues of race, sex and national origin affecting student achievement and opportunity. Our services are planned for and designed in collaboration with the district or school officials and may entail one or a combination of the following: professional development; training; consultation; curriculum development; policy development; and dissemination of equity resources. Areas of assistance might include:

  • Provide high quality technical assistance and training to create a school environment that is culturally responsive to all students and their families
  • Promote equal access to quality education to English Learners
  • Improve student achievement by supporting high quality teachers and leaders
  • Addressing and decreasing disproportionality
  • Address equity issues that affect student growth and achievement, particularly in high-poverty and low-performing schools
  • Promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education


Our Clients