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Technology Resources

Private-sector companies have committed more than $2 billion to deliver cutting-edge technologies to classrooms.


  • Adobe, is providing more than $300 million worth of free software to teachers and students, including Photoshop and Premiere Elements for creative projects; Presenter and Captivate to amplify e-Learning; EchoSign for school workflow; and a range of teacher training resources
  • Apple, which will donate $100 million in iPads, MacBooks, and other products, along with content and professional development tools to enrich learning in disadvantaged U.S. schools
  • AT&T, which pledged more than $100 million to give 50,000 middle and high school students in Title I districts free Internet connectivity for educational devices over their wireless network for three years
  • Autodesk, which pledged to make their 3D design program "Design the Future" available for free in every secondary school in the U.S. — more than $250 million in value
  • Esri, which is providing $1 billion worth of free access to ArcGIS Online Organization accounts – the same Geographic Information Systems mapping technology used by government and business – to every K-12 school in America to allow students to map and analyze data
  • Microsoft, which has launched a substantial affordability program open to all U.S. public schools by deeply discounting the price of its Windows operating system, which will decrease the price of Windows-based devices
  • O'Reilly Media, which is partnering with Safari Books Online to make more than $100 million in educational content and tools available for free to every school in the U.S.
  • Prezi, which will provide $100 million in Edu Pro licenses for high schools and all educators across America.
  • Sprint, which is offering free wireless service for up to 50,000 low-income high school students over the next four years, valued at $100 million
  • Verizon, which announced a multi-year program to support ConnectED through up to $100 million in cash and in-kind commitments


More Information and Links


Adobe will deliver creative tools in the form of free software, and teacher professional development, to Title I schools across the United States — with the goal of helping youth express their creativity and build their skills for future success.

Apply for the free software from Adobe


Apple is inviting economically disadvantaged schools where 96 percent or more students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches to apply for a ConnectED grant. Invited schools will have until June 20 to let Apple know if they intend to apply. Final applications are due July 25.

With an Apple ConnectED grant, Apple will provide iPads, Macs, and the very best educational content students need to personalize learning and inspire their best thinking. Apple will also provide Apple Professional Development, giving teachers the training they need to implement these powerful tools.


AT&T has committed to provide 50,000 lines of cellular service for mobile/home computing for students in Title I districts. Schools and districts can apply now for this AT&T Aspire program.


Autodesk, a designer of leading advanced software products in design, drafting, and engineering, has committed to expand the company’s “Design the Future” program to be available to every secondary school in the country in 2014. The program, which offers free 3D design software, project-based curricula, training, and certification, will help secondary school teachers teach critical problem-solving and technical skills in demand, in high-paying STEM fields like engineering and architecture.


Esri will provide free access to ArcGIS Online Organization accounts – the same GIS technology used by government and business – to every U.S. K-12 school in America. These allow users to map and analyze data, create and share content, and collaborate in the cloud – via computers, tablets, or smartphones, anytime, anywhere connected.

This commitment expands on Esri’s successful program in pilot schools at all levels across the country, and will allow students to do projects of unlimited content, from global to local, so that they can build community, as well as build knowledge and skills for college and career. 


Microsoft created a new affordability program open to all U.S. K-12 public schools to connect 99 percent of America’s students to the digital age within five years. The program includes options for schools of all sizes and with varying levels of need for cost, technology, and services.

This program includes a range of discounted partner and Microsoft devices built with Windows 8.1 Pro; communication and collaboration tools with Office 365 Education; ad-free search with Bing in the Classroom; broadband as a critical component to connected learning through Microsoft’s nonprofit partner EveryoneOn; student training and resources for fundamental technology skills through Microsoft IT Academy; and more.

O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly Media, through a partnership with Safari Books Online, has committed to provide educational content and tools such as technology books and publications, for free, to every school in America. This commitment can provide students at a range of grade levels with the technological skills they need to be prepared in a globalized, digital economy. Their commitment will follow the following timeline:

  • June 2014: The first 500 high school students to register at will receive beta online access to the complete set of O’Reilly Media books and videos
  • September 2014: Every high school student in the US will have on-demand online access to the complete set of O’Reilly Media books and videos.
  • January 2015: Every K-12 student in the US and every K-12 teacher in the US will have on-demand online access to the complete set of O’Reilly Media books and videos.


Prezi has committed to provide Edu Pro, a program for creating memorable presentations, licenses for high schools and all educators across America. 

Fill out a form to receive updates on Prezi's ConnectED commitment in presentation software, and to be notified when applications will begin to be accepted  (likely August).


In partnership with the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) and Johns Hopkins University, the Verizon Foundation is launching the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy – a virtual, moderated professional development course offered to teams of educators for free. Course modules are designed to help teachers, administrators and tech coaches implement effective mobile learning initiatives in their schools and classrooms.