Head Teacher for Tender Tots Childcare Center in Mott Haven

Date Posted: June 7, 2018
Location: 531 E. 137th St.\nBRONX,NY 10454

Responsibilities, Duties, and Qualifications

• Supervise and delegate responsibilities to the assistant teacher.
• Responsibility for the planning and supervision of age appropriate activities for the group of children assigned, including but not limited to planning and implementation of instructional activities including a variety of themes and subjects such as math development, language development, diversity awareness, gross and fine motor skill development, self-help skill development, science, art, music, health and hygiene, social studies, and self-esteem. Teachers must gather and prepare materials for lessons and activities
• Establish, implement, and reinforce classroom rules, supervise classroom activities, monitor and maintain positive discipline.
• Coordinate with children, assistants, and parents to resolve discipline problems as appropriate
• Review and coordinate lesson plans and activities with assistant teachers and possible parent volunteers.
• Establish and implement procedures for limiting the spread of infectious diseases; prepare disaster and emergency measurement and procedure, train assistant and children in the use of these procedures
• Coordinate communication with parents. Answer questions and provide information to parents concerning a child’s progress or problems, classroom activities, and other related matters. Prepare and conduct formal and informal parent-teacher conferences.
• Compile information and prepare skills assessment reports through authentic assessment, portfolios, and approved developmental checklist.
• Stay informed of all school policies (fire drills, teacher and student sickness, attendance, confidentiality, cleaning, safety, etc.)
• Serve as a role model for student and other teachers
• Keep all classroom materials and equipment in good condition and return any supplies to the appropriate storage closets.
• Help students with personal belongings (sheets, blankets, extra clothing, etc.) so they are organized and clean
• Follow school curriculum
• Exercise independent judgment and to act in the best interest of employer
• Share the diapering and cleaning responsibilities with the assistant teacher/co-teacher

Contact Info

Denise Fairman, Director of Tender Tots Childcare Center in Mott Haven 718.215.4125 (phone) 347.271.4082 (fax)