A Welcome Message From The Dean

Welcome to Touro College’s Graduate School of Education.

Jacob EasleyI am proud to be the Dean of Touro GSE. Our school recently turned 25 and there is much to celebrate. Touro GSE is one of the largest educator preparation programs in the region. We are also the largest provider of Special Education teachers for the New York City Department of Education and lead the pack in the number of African American and Hispanic teachers hired by the district in the fields of Special Education and Second Language Education.

Our programs are informed by a commitment to learning from practice. This idea is more than a theoretical postulation. Rather, our approaches to teaching and learning, program development, and continuous improvement are designed intentionally to draw on sound evidence about the needs of our partner schools, evidence from candidate performance, and feedback from alumni, to name a few.

Our programs champion personalized approaches to educational access. As such, we offer programs in multiple locations, in nearly every borough of New York City, across the region, and to the world online. Through sound advisement and scholarly mentorship, faculty fastidiously attend to the unique needs of candidates, many of whom are working adults.

Within their respective fields, our faculty are well known as researchers, teachers, advocates, professional developers, and artists. They publish in respected, peer-review journals and they present at conferences, both nationally and internationally. They also serve on national and state commissions, and are leaders on professional boards of directors.  We even have faculty who have been recognized as state teachers of the year.

As Touro candidates and Touro alumni, you join the ranks of many others who have been prepared in New York by way of our programs and who make a positive impact on the education profession and communities, globally. Many alumni have become administrators within their school districts and others have started their own businesses. More importantly, our alumni report being highly prepared for their current and future jobs. Scientific study has also shown our alumni impact on P-12 learning within New York City schools to be highly respectable among peer educator preparation institutions.

At Touro GSE, we pride ourselves on leading with empathy, seeking to indepthly understand the needs of our students, school communities, and constituents, and to employ innovative and collaborative means for transformative solutions. Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to join us in our transformative work by registering for coursework, volunteering to speak with students, hosting clinical experiences, partnering with us on programming, or by contributing to our scholarship fund.


Jacob Easley II, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate School of Education