Bilingual Clinically Rich Intensive Teacher Institute (CR-ITI) at Touro College

The Touro College Bilingual Clinically Rich Intensive Teacher Institute (CR-ITI) is a one-year cohort program for twenty eligible NYS teachers who want to obtain a Bilingual General Education teaching certificate. Upon completion of the five course program, particants will be recommended to NYSED for Bilingual Extension certification. 

Tuition Support

Participants receive tuition support of $900 per course, as well as a 15% Touro College discount for the remainder of tuition expenses. To complete the entire one-year certificate program, the total cost per participant will be approximately $3,700 (including all fees and course materials).

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility requirements are:

  • You must be a NYC DOE teacher (with an initial or professional classroom teaching certificate) and must be recommended by your principal.
  • You must be highly motivated and dedicated to better serving ELLs in your school or district.
  • You will need to provide verification of target language proficiency.


Upon acceptance into Touro's CR-ITI program, participants will take three courses during the fall semester (two on-campus and one online) and two courses during the Spring semester (one on-campus and one online).

The certificate curriculum is five courses. The specific courses are:

  • EDPS 673: Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language
  • EDU 639: Trends and Current Issues in Second Language Acquisition
  • EDU 637: Second Language Learners and the Content Areas
  • EDPS 671: Theory and Practice ofBilingual and Multicultural Education (Online)
  • EDU 675: Methods and Materials for Teaching in the Native Language

Each teacher candidate will work with a mentor teacher who is certified in ESOL and who has extensive teaching experience in the field. Mentor teachers must be recommended by their principals and will be modestly compensated.

How to Apply

To apply you’ll need to follow the general GSE admissions guidelines and application. All GSE Bilingual program applications are reviewed, and eligibility for the CR-ITI program can be discussed during the general application interview process.

As a participating teacher you must agree to complete the entire program, after which you must apply for an ESOL or Bilingual certificate on TEACH and during the final semester of the program take the required state exam, CST-ESOL.

Note: Admission priority is given to a group of teachers from the same school.


Dr. Olga De Jesus, Program Chair, TESOL
212-463-0400, ext. 55122