The Instructional Technology courses necessary to complete the master's program will give you the skills you need to incorporate technology in the classroom or boardroom. 

*Offered by the Graduate School of Education

Required Courses

EDSN 600 History and Philosophy of Education and Special Education

Explores the historical and philosophical underpinnings of modern educational theory and practice, dating back to ancient Greek, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim writings on education and tracking developments into the present. It specifically examines the forces that have shaped educational policies in the United States, highlighting the current debate around meeting the educational and social-emotional needs of students from diverse communities. The role of technology in education and society at large, critical thinking skills, information literacy, and research-based instruction are also featured.

EDIT 601 Foundations of Computers

EDIT 617 Foundations of Instructional Technology - Teaching with Computers

EDIT 622 Networking in the Education Environment I

EDIT 623 Foundations of Instructional Design

EDIT 632 Networking in the Education Environment II

EDIT 651 Internet Technology in the Classroom

EDIT 653 Integrating Technology in the Curriculum

EDIT 692 Projects in the Educational Technology

Three-Credit Elective Courses

EDIT 621 Advanced Web Applications in the Classroom

EDIT 626 Teaching Computer Applications in the Classroom

EDIT 641 Programming in the Classroom

EDIT 642 Multimedia Education Applications in Software Development

EDIT 643 Children, Technology and Media Literacy

EDIT 646 Distance Learning Applications

EDIT 652 Assistive and Special Needs Technology

EDIT 654 21st Century Instructional Technology Models

One-Credit Elective Courses

EDIT 610 Computer Literacy for Novice Users

EDIT 618 Computer Literacy: Digital Photography for Educators

EDIT 619 Integration Literacy: Animation in the Middle School Classroom

EDIT 620 Information Literacy: Using the Internet as a Research Tool

EDIT 625 Computer Literacy: Word Processing Applications for Educators

EDIT 634 Integration Literacy: Flash for Educators

EDIT 635 Computer Literacy: Electronic Spreadsheet for Educators

EDIT 636 Integration Literacy: Curriculum Creations in KidPix

EDIT 638 Integration Literacy: Publisher for Educators

EDIT 639 Computer Literacy: Adobe Photoshop for Educators