Jacob Gutnicki, MS, MS

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology

Department of Instructional Technology

Graduate School of Education


Jacob has taught at Touro College since 1998. During this time his courses in education and instructional technology have covered a wide range of topics including Web Design, Web 2.0 Technologies, Microsoft Office, Assistive Technology, Classroom Management, Common Core Aligned Educational Resources, Using Data to Understand Instruction, and other pertinent topics. In his courses, Jacob utilizes a variety of materials including Common Core aligned resources, best practices recommended by ISTE, and best practices from state and federal grants.

Jacob Gutnicki has also worked in the field of Instructional Technology for the past 15 years and in the field of education for the past 23 years. During this time he was recognized in the 2008 National Profile Report as an effective practice in Instructional Technology, and his instructional technology program was showcased in "The Journal" as an exemplar for improving student outcomes through a rigorous professional development program. He has authored 171 award winning grants including numerous Learning Technology Grants, 23 iLearn NYC Grants, 7 Federal School Improvement Grants, several Middle School Incentive Grants, 2 Attendance Improvement and Dropout Prevention Grants, 3 Enhancing Education Through Technology Grants, 3 iZone Grants, 3 Beaumont Foundation Grants, two Math Partnership Grants the Borough President Grant, and 2 New Vision Grants.