Registration for Fall 2014 Online Courses

To ensure successful registration, please read this memo carefully. It is strongly recommended that you speak with your academic advisor before registering. 

All students in the Touro College Education and Special Education Program must register for their Fall 2014 courses using Touro’s on-line web registration system.
The following step-by-step instructions will guide you through the on-line registration process:

      1. You must meet with your academic advisor for your approved courses before you begin the online registration process.
      2. Access the Internet from any computer; log onto the Touro myPortal website at If you are experiencing an issues logging onto your portal account, please contact the portal help desk at 1.855.MYTOURO (855.698.6876).
      3. Login to your TC-Web account.  You can access your TC-Web account through the portal by clicking the

        student TC-Web link located in the Quick Launch Navigation panel or at

        If you have login  difficulties with your  TC-Web account please get in contact with the Office of the Registrar to determine the problem with your TC-Web access:

        • If you are on campus then please get in contact with the local Registrar’s Office.
        • If you are off campus then please send an e-mail to
      4. If there are any holds on your student’s account, you will NOT be able to register for any courses until the hold has been cleared. To clear your holds you should contact the department from which the hold originates and do whatever is necessary to have it removed.

      5. When you are logged in, check the upper right-hand corner of the screen to make sure you are in the correct semester. If not, click on “Change Terms” and click on the semester you would like to register for.
      6. Click "Course Search". Under the "Search Criteria" option, make sure that the word "Graduate" appears on the screen in the "Division" field; if not, click the drop-down menu for this field and click "Graduate" to change it.

      7. Click on the “Department” field on the screen; a drop-down menu will appear. Click on “No limit”; the “Department” field will be highlighted. Type into it the course first letters:

        • If your course first letters is EDSE, type EDSE
        • If your course first letters is EDPS, type EDPS
        • If your course first letters is EDU, type EDU
        • If your course first letters is SPED, type SPED

      8. Click “Find Classes" on this menu, find the course number of the first course you are approved to register for.  On this page, look in the “Seats Left” column to find out how many spots are available.

      9. Then click "Add" on the appropriate class.

      10. Repeat step 8 for each course you are approved to register for.


        • You are allowed to register only for the courses approved by your advisor.
        • You may not register for more than TWELVE (12) credits; if you attempt to register for more than this number of credits, the on-line system will automatically block you.
        • Two types of courses are ineligible for on-line registration: (1) undergraduate courses that you may need to take and (2) possibly certain other courses in your program – contact your program office to find out which courses they are. You will need to register for both types in person.
        • If for any reason you have entered the incorrect course or section, or if you need to make any changes to your schedule, you MUST see your academic advisor immediately. The system will not allow you to change it on-line.


      11. When you have finished entering all of your courses, click on the link shown to go to the “My Schedule” to review your registration carefully to make sure all of the information is correct, then print the screen showing the completed registration and keep it for future reference.
      12. Be sure to log out by clicking “Log out” on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


The last day to register for Fall 2014 classes is September 9. Registration for Spring 2015 is November 3 to January 26.



Although the Registrar’s Office monitors the records of on-line registrants, it cannot assume responsibility for your errors or any attempts to circumvent the system, which may have serious consequences for you. This holds true whether such problems are discovered immediately or later on in your academic career at Touro.