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Date Posted: August 11, 2020

About School Professionals:

Our clients include independent, private, and charter schools across the five boroughs. Our teachers take short and long-term positions with our private and charter schools on an on-call basis. Not only do we take teacher preferences into account when offering assignments, we also respect their review of each offer. Any assignment sent to their job bank will include hours, location, pay rate, and any assignment-specific details such as expected subject areas. This allows the teacher to review and decide whether it is the right match for their needs. It is the best of both worlds: consistent job opportunities and personally tailored flexibility.


Bachelor’s Degree or higher

3-6+ months experience as lead teacher, or assistant teacher

A semester of student teaching

Enrollment in or completion of a Masters in Education Birth-2 Program

6+ months of experience as an afterschool teacher or assistant teacher, day care, summer camp counselor, Sunday School teacher or similar experience working with children aged 2-6 years

Starting Date: N/A

Job Type: This posting is for a recruiter that places candidates in teaching roles from K-12

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