Long-term substitute for K-2 class at Mother Franciska Elementary School

Date Posted: January 14, 2020


JOB TYPE: Full-time, Monday – Friday 7:45am-2:45pm

Recent graduates and those eligible for an internship certificate in Students with Disabilities Birth – Grade 2 encouraged to apply.


Duties and Responsibilties

· Provide classroom instruction to students with special needs

· Obtain present levels/baselines and child’s functioning levels in cognitive, language, socialization, ADL, and fine and gross motor skills

· Develop individual goals and objectives for students in class

· Develop lesson plans for individual instruction and small group and whole group activities utilizing differentiated instruction as appropriate

· Record data on students’ progress daily

· Implement behavior intervention plans and record behavioral data on each student

· Prepare and develop plans and effective teaching methods based on daily data and student assessment

· Adapt and/or create instructional material to the needs of the students

· Prepare progress reports and documents for annual reviews

· Participate in IEP meetings for each student

· Work collaboratively with parents and multi-disciplinary team members

· Participate in professional development activities

· All other duties and responsibilities as assigned To apply please contact: email kfortel@sflschools.org or jcastania@sflschools.org

Contact Info

kfortel@sflschools.org, jcastania@sflschools.org