The East Side House program in the Bronx is Hiring Interns

Date Posted: May 5, 2020

Job Description 

  • The Lead Teacher position requires prospective candidates must hold a NYS certification license from N-6/ B-2nd
  • East Side House’s Early Childhood programs provide a safe, supportive, vibrant educational environment for children 2–5 years of age and their parents.
  • The comprehensive program addresses all areas of a child’s development: physical, mental, social, and emotional. Children and families receive a broad range of educational, nutritional, preventive health, and social services.
  • We engage caregivers and children to address educational needs in a way that promotes long-term family sustainability. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love for learning for each of the children we serve.
  • For interns, who are in your education department BS/MS for our classrooms, and those who are studying Human Resource or liberal Arts program, to work with the Family Services department.

Please email your resume and at least one reference letter, preferably from a Professor to:  Johanna Torres, Education Director of Winifred Wheeler at the East Side House Settlement HS/EHS.

Phone: 718-993-3692 Ext. 415



Prospective candidates must hold a NYS certification license from N-6/ B-2nd.  


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