Bilingual Education and Services

There is a need for high-quality educators trained to offer bilingual education and services. For certified teachers and professionals, a bilingual certificate can extend your certification and opportunities. All our courses stress the importance of considering cultural factors alongside individual abilities in teaching bilingual students. We offer three advanced certificates in bilingual education and services:

Bilingual General Education, PreK-12, for mainstream teachers looking to work with bilingual students, teaching their content area in two languages.

Bilingual Special Education and Speech & Language Disabilities is for special education teachers who want to work with bilingual students with cognitive impediments, and help assess whether it’s a hearing or speech impediment that makes it hard for the student to replicate the English language and with them on speech patterns.

Bilingual Pupil Personnel Services is for school counselors, social workers and psychologists, who want to work with bilingual students.

What You'll Learn

Each certificate includes coursework and a practicum which emphasizes the importance of understanding cultural context for child development and learning, and for effective assessment and delivery of services. Depending on your certification focus, you might examine various theories and classroom approaches, review case studies and explore how home life and community impact youth education, or learn about dynamic assessment, how to work with various disabilities, and effective strategies for teaching native language literacy. In all our courses our goal is always to increase your multicultural and linguistic fluency so you can provide the best possible service and education to all students.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements, you must be able to document proficiency in the target language of instruction (Click here to download the Target Language Proficiency Verification Form).

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