Gifted and Talented Education

Educators interested in the NYSED annotation for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) can take our four to five course program. Our curriculum provides a comprehensive and in-depth examination of the knowledge and skills required to best serve academically-advanced students. Applicants must be certified teachers.

What You’ll Learn

All of our courses are based on the most current research and recommended standards for gifted and talented programs. You learn to identify the early indicators and emotional needs of gifted children, and how to keep them creatively and academically engaged so they can reach their full potential. We explore school-wide program development and curriculum differentiation, as well as techniques for evaluation that take into account learning disabilities sometimes overlooked in gifted children.

After completing the four-course requirement, you’ll be eligible to apply on your own for the NYSED annotation in teaching gifted and talented students. Those who complete a fifth course can have Touro recommend them for their NYSED extension/annotation.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general application requirements, you must provide copies of New York State teacher certification (or teacher certification from another state).

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