Communication for Educational Leaders: Enhanced Skills Required for the 21st Century

January 22, 2024 7:00pm – 8:15pm ET
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01/22/24 7:00 PM 01/22/24 8:15 PM Communication for Educational Leaders: Enhanced Skills Required for the 21st Century Zoom Communication for Educational Leaders: Enhanced Skills Required for the 21st Century

This is a workshop is for both, aspiring and practicing P-12 school leaders.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how contemporary school leaders utilize specific skills such as active listening, trust-building, and appropriate follow-up strategies as the building blocks of effective communication
  • Identify and discuss both traditional and evolving strategies for communication
  • Match the use of specific communication strategies to specific leadership situations
  • Learn how the quality of communication by school leaders impacted the outcomes of real-life events in either a positive or negative way
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of emerging communication platforms such as social media, robocalling, and commercial applications

About the Presenters:

Nilda Soto Ruiz, Ph.D., is an accomplished education leader with a significant impact on the field. At Touro University, she serves as the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Chairperson of Programs in School Leadership, where she guides graduate students and teaches various educational leadership courses. In her past roles in the New York City Public Schools, including Superintendent and Chief Executive for Instruction, she played a vital role in implementing educational mandates and curriculum development.

Dr. Soto Ruiz's influence extends beyond her administrative roles, encompassing committee memberships, academic positions, and contributions to bilingual education. Her dedication and expertise have earned her prestigious awards, including the Simon Bolivar CCNY Alumni Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Puerto Rican Coalition. Her impact on education highlights her commitment to leadership and academic excellence.

Thomas J. Troisi, Ed.D., is a distinguished education professional. He holds a Doctorate in Educational Administration & Policy Studies from Hofstra University, with research focused on teacher selection. He is also licensed as a School District Administrator, School Administrator/Supervisor, and Teacher of Social Studies 7 - 12 in New York.

His academic roles include Assistant Professor at Touro University and Visiting Scholar at New York University, in addition to teaching positions at various institutions. In his extensive leadership career, Troisi served as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction and as Principal in the Valley Stream Central High School District, as well as in administrative roles in Wantagh and Elwood-John Glenn High Schools.

His teaching experience spans positions at Wantagh High School, Newtown High School (NYC Board of Education), and the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens. Troisi's contributions to the education field include publications, presentations, and awards, highlighting his commitment to educational excellence.

Alan Sebel, Ed.D., is a highly accomplished educator with a deep commitment to the field of education. He holds an Ed.D. in Administration, Supervision, and Educational Leadership from Fordham University, specializing in special education management in New York. Dr. Sebel has an extensive academic and professional background, ranging from Adjunct Professor to Full Professor at Touro University.

In addition to his academic roles, Dr. Sebel has actively contributed to teacher preparation advocacy and quality assurance in education. He brings over two decades of leadership experience from the New York City Department of Education, serving as Deputy Assistant Superintendent and Instructional Administrator.

His involvement extends to numerous committees, special projects, presentations, and publications in the education domain, making a significant impact on online collaboration and instructional practices for educators. Dr. Sebel's affiliations with professional organizations highlight his commitment to advancing education, and he has received prestigious awards, including the Education Update Educator of the Year and the India Institute of Public Administration Personal Excellence Award for Leadership & Development.

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