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A reflective learning journal is a means of recording ideas, personal thoughts and experiences, as well as reflections and insights candidates experience during their Touro TESOL/Bilingual journey. Reflective journal writing requires candidates to think more deeply, confront their values and beliefs, and encourages them to pose questions. Touro TESOL/Bilingual teacher candidate Elias Y. Taveras submitted a deeply thoughtful reflection on Affirming Diversity. The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education by Sonia Nieto & Patty Bode (2018): “Chapter two provided me with many realizations or aha moments. The most significant one that I can think of, because I teach it every year to my students, was when Sonia Nieto used Dr. Martin Luther King Jr as an example of sanitizing characters. It was a perfect example of what it is like to only scratch the surface with a topic to fulfill a requirement in the curriculum. I realized that avoiding diving deeper into history and enclosing the negative sides of what happened to us was wrong. Avoiding to speak to my students about the racism that their ancestors faced was not doing them any favors or improving the deep of conversation they could have with each other. In order to protect their feelings I rejected talking about people and experiences that were crucial and similar to theirs. Maybe I did not want to remind them of something that they experience every day but it was the wrong choice because instead I sanitized or clean up the topics my students could embark on.” Mr. Taveras currently serves as a teacher in the Bronx, NY. He migrated from the Dominican Republic when he was in middle school and grew up in the city. Mr. Taveras received a Bachelor of Art in Journalism from SUNY Buffalo and later completed his master’s in Bilingual Education at The City College of New York. Mr. Taveras wrote that “…above everything else, I am a single father and a teacher of kindness.” #teacher #bilingual #diversity #multicultural #reflection #teachkindness #teacherprep #touroteacher #mastersineducation #tesol #bilingualeducation #tourogse