A Singular Tori

Math Program students watch abstract concepts take form with guest lecturer Dr. Noah Dana-Picard

April 30, 2014
Dr. Noah Dana-Picard

Dr. Noah Dana-Picard, former President of the Jerusalem College of Technology spoke with students in the Mathematics Education program in the Graduate School of Education, presenting one of his fields of expertise, plane intersections of singular tori.

A torus is a donut, which when intersected creates different two-dimensional shapes. Dr. Dana-Picard was very clear and took many questions from the students, who could present this topic as part of an honors high school math class.

Dr. Brenda Strassfeld, Chair of the Math Program, points out that studying this topic illustrates a revival of classical topics in differential geometry that is only made possible because of current technologies. “The advances in technology allow us to access classical topics that were too abstract to represent before. It’s really beautiful stuff.”

The students certainly agreed.