Dr. Osnat Zaken Joins Editorial Board at Journal of Education Finance

Journal Is Leading Resource in the Study of Public School Funding

September 30, 2014
Dr. Osnat Zaken, associate professor at the Graduate School of Education

Touro College in New York City is pleased to announce that Dr. Osnat Zaken, associate professor at Touro’s Graduate School of Education, has recently been appointed to the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Education Finance (JEF), a leading resource in the study of public school funding.

Published quarterly, JEF offers comprehensive research and expert analysis in such areas as education finance reform; judicial issues in academic financing, schools and social agency affiliations; school tax limitations; and factors influencing teachers’ salaries.  Dr. Zaken will be responsible for implementing the journal’s criteria for selecting, reviewing, and editing articles for publication. 

 Dr. Zaken has also been invited to present her abstract, "The Sustainability of Fairness in Education: Lessons from Multicultural Societies," at the JEF’s Symposium on the Financing of Education, which is being held in Oxford, England in December.   

Now in its 40th year, the JEF covers financial policy matters in grades K-12 as well as post-secondary education. Recent articles have covered education funding in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Nevada and have explored topics such as student performance, academic services in urban districts, and English language learning.

Dr. Zaken has over 25 years of experience working at national and international educational and financial organizations.  She holds a doctorate in education administration and supervision −specializing in education finance− from St. John’s University in New York. She has been an associate professor of education and special education at Touro College in New York since 2005 and director of assessment and testing since 2008.  Her articles have been published in JEF as well as the academic leadership journal, Educational Considerations. 

Additionally, Dr. Zaken has been appointed director of the National Education Finance Academy-WF, a collaborative effort to enhance the interaction and sharing of knowledge and research within the international education finance community through a web-based forum.   

As a representative of independent colleges and universities, Dr. Zaken’s expertise in qualitative methodology, as applied to educational finance research, brings significant and unique perspectives to the JEF and NEFA.   

Asked why she added education to an established background in finance, Dr. Zaken said, “I have always loved teaching and was intrigued by the challenges of school funding in the pursuit of education, so it was a natural fit.”  

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