Future Teachers Recognized for Promise and Service

Elvis Rodriquez and Brittany James, Recipients of Touro Graduate School of Education Dean’s Scholarship, Share Their Stories

October 18, 2021

Elvis Rodriquez (’21) and Brittany James (’21) received the Touro Graduate School of Education Deans’ Scholarships in their final academic semester. The scholarship is an illustrious recognition of the academic achievement and positive impact Touro GSE candidates have demonstrated during their programs of study. The award, which comes with a monetary stipend, exemplifies the mission of the School to serve New York’s neediest communities and reflects the commitment of the School’s administration to ensure that programs, candidates, and alumni are positive change agents within the profession.

Both students graduated last semester, and we caught up with the two to learn about their stories and how their teaching mission and philosophy matched the goals of the Deans’ Scholarship.

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