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Meet the Graduate School of Education (GSE) Deans’ Scholarship Recipients

Here’s What Makes These Standout Education Candidates and Alumni Deserving of This Important Award

December 17, 2019

The Deans’ Scholarship is an illustrious recognition of the academic achievement and positive impact Touro GSE candidates have demonstrated during their programs of study. The award exemplifies the mission of the School to serve New York’s neediest communities and reflects the commitment of the School’s administration to ensure that programs, candidates, and alumni are positive change agents within the profession.

More than ten Touro College Graduate School of Education (GSE) candidates were highlighted for the professional impact they have had in their schools and communities.  Four inspirational educators were chosen to receive the 2019 Deans’ Scholarship.  Applicants were asked to demonstrate ways in which they have upheld the ideas of educational equity and access, with their principals and other community leaders providing an attestation of their positive social and academic impact. Touro GSE alumni comprised the selection and recommendation committee.  

These remarkable educators work tirelessly to foster an inclusive, meaningful learning environment and voluntarily help their students outside of normal classroom hours. We recently spoke to these scholarship recipients and their recommenders to find out why they were chosen to receive this award and the specific ways they are improving learning in NYC classrooms.

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