Spring Lake Resident Named Interim Dean at Touro’s Graduate School of Education

Dr. Arnold Spinner Takes Position

September 15, 2014

New York, NY--Dr. Arnold Spinner of Spring Lake, New Jersey, was named Interim Dean of the Touro College Graduate School of Education. Dr. Spinner served as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Touro’s Graduate School of Education since 2010 and was previously Associate Dean of Research and Administration at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education for more than forty years. 

As Interim Dean, Dr. Spinner oversees online and classroom graduate level programs in several locations.  He directs educational course offerings, faculty and student programs and manages the budget. “Our goal at Touro’s Graduate School of Education is to offer the best possible experience for our students to prepare them to become successful teachers or administrators in their chosen field. Currently, we supply the Nation’s schools with outstanding teachers and administrators who are dedicated to improving the educational experiences for all students,” said Spinner.

Dr. Spinner, who earned his Ph.D in educational administration, has vast experience in both administrative and faculty capacities in addition to classroom experience as a teacher and coach in the  public schools. Dr. Spinner also held joint academic appointments in NYU’s Departments of Administration and Communications. He directed the Higher Education Opportunities Program; monitored centers and commissions on the study of higher education, career education, and language and reading; and taught courses and seminars on the foundations of educational administration. He has served as an advisor and consultant to several  major corporations both in the U.S. and abroad.

I am sure that Dr. Spinner’s extensive expertise in education, research and consulting, as well as his deep understanding of Touro’s mission and vision will serve him well through his transition into this role,” said Alan Kadish, MD, President of the Touro College and University System.

The Touro College Graduate School of Education offers MS degrees in Biology Education, Education and Special EducationMathematics Education, Instructional Technology, School Leadership, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Teaching Literacy.

Touro College Graduate School of Education ranks #1 in master’s degrees in education earned by African American and Latino students in New York State, and 8th in the nation among 5,000 universities for graduate degrees in education awarded to minority students. The majority of  Touro College graduates  teach in the public school system, and many are actively engaged in community service.