Apply for Graduation

Candidates in their final semester are eligible for graduation and have to complete the application online. Not applying for graduation will delay your degree conferral and institutional recommendation for certification. Graduation does not occur without filing for graduation. It is important to check your academic record for accuracy before applying for graduation.


Candidates planning to graduate in June 2024 (completing all required coursework by May 2024 and seeking degree conferral) can apply for graduation online. The deadline to apply for June 2024 graduation for degree conferral is March 15, 2024. THIS IS A FIRM DEADLINE. PLEASE DO NOT MISS THE DEADLINE. If you do not apply for graduation, your degree will not be conferred and should you miss the March 15, 2024 deadline, you name may not appear in the commencement program. Applying for graduation also makes you eligible to participate in commencement festivities. 

Commencement is on June 17, 2024 and the conferral date on the diploma for spring 2024 candidates is June 25, 2024. Listed below are the steps to apply for graduation for degree conferral online. 

For January Graduation – November 15 (Fall program completion)
For June Graduation – March 15 (Spring program completion)
For September Graduation – July 15 (Summer program completion)

How to apply for graduation:

  • Log in to Touro One Portal – Click on the Academic Tab.
  • On the bottom left, click the Apply to Graduate button.
  • Follow the prompts and Confirm your Program/Degree
  • Double check that your name is being displayed correctly. If any changes are needed contact your local registrar’s office directly, otherwise you will have to pay an additional $25.00 fee to reprint another degree.
  • While applying for graduation, go to Degree Works tool located under TouroOne portal to review your degree completion progress.
  • The graduation fee is $200.00. Even if you do not plan on attending the commencement ceremony, you are still required to pay the $200.00 graduation fee. This fee covers regalia and other commencement activities.
  • Contact your program director, advisor or local registrar’s office if you have any questions.

Degree Information

It takes approximately 3-4 months after the official graduation date for an official degree conferral and diplomas to be available for distribution. Once the diploma is available, you will receive a Certified Electronic Diploma via your student TouroOne email address. Please be aware that you will receive two emails, an initial claim email from and the verification email from

The physical copy of your Diploma will be sent via the United States Postal Service to the mailing address recorded in your TouroOne account under the permanent address. It is your professional responsibility to ensure that your account reflects the most up-to-date information, including your permanent address, to assure that your diploma is delivered to the correct address.

After applying for graduation, if there’s a need for an expedited conferral date; you must have a valid reason, with documentation. Please submit one of the following documents to Lisa Fuller at an expired teacher’s license or a letter from your current/potential employer or the Board of Education stating that you have a pending job offer with the hire dates included. Use the subject line “Expedited Degree Conferral, Complete Name and Student ID number.”

All unpaid balances have to be paid in full before you can receive a degree & official transcript.