EdTPA COVID-19 Guidelines

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many teacher candidates are using online learning platforms to deliver instruction to their students. SCALE and Pearson have developed guidance for candidates who are teaching in a virtual learning environment (VLE). Alternative arrangements for candidates teaching in a VLE require that candidates meet all of the technical specifications and handbook requirements but allows flexibility associated with teaching in a VLE. Please review recent News From edTPA® and the resources and materials below. 

  1. Guidance for edTPA in an Alternative Arrangement: Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  2. Request Form for Alternative Arrangements (VLE)
  3. Subject-Specific Considerations for Completing edTPA in a Virtual Learning Environment
  4. COVID-19 and School Closure Impact 4/1/2020. Here are the resources and materials from the recent edTPA Webinar on edTPA and Virtual Learning Environments. The recording is available at https://vimeo.com/403761829/4c04d19bec
  5. For assistance related to edTPA and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE):
    1. EPP Faculty: edTPAEPPSupport@pearson.com
    2. Candidates: Contact information options are available at http://www.edtpa.com/Contacts.aspx
    3. Touro College GSE edTPA Coordinator, Dr. Brenda Strassfeld, Brenda.strassfeld@touro.edu

In addition to the guidance provided here, Touro GSE has compiled the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your assistance.

Q: Can I have more time to complete my edTPA?
A: All registrations for edTPA were extended to expire on December 5, 2021 instead of the usual 18 months after initial registration

Q: Are there any extra submission dates because I would like to get my score before September.
A: Additional submission and reporting dates have been added to edTPA 2019–2020 Submission and Score Reporting Schedule to support candidates impacted by school closures due to COVID-19. Submit by June 18, 2020, to receive scores on July 9, 2020.

Q: Which edTPA Handbook should I use?
A: Candidates should utilize the current edTPA handbooks available in their portfolio platforms for preparing and submitting portfolios for the remainder of the 2019–2020 submission and reporting schedule. For those candidates graduating from a single or dual certification in Special Education, the Special Education handbook should be used.

Q: What is a synchronous learning environment?
A: Virtual learning environments that use synchronous learning allow groups of students and the teacher candidate to engage in instruction or learning at the same time.

Q: What changes are there to my submissions for Task 1?
A: No changes.

Q: What changes are there to my submissions for Task 2?
A: Video recording of synchronous interaction between the candidate and students; the video(s) may show additional views or features, such as chat dialogue, email communications, instant messaging, etc. In accordance with handbook requirements, the candidate and the minimum number of students (typically 1 student for the special education handbook) must be seen and heard in at least one of the Task 2 video clips.

Q: What changes are there to my submissions for Task 3?
A: For Task 3, Parts A, C, and D there are no changes to materials for submission.

For Task 3, Part B – Candidates can submit:

  • Audio recording of the teacher candidate providing feedback verbally, including a task-based assessment where the students complete a task, and the teacher candidate provides verbal feedback.
  • Video recording of live interaction where feedback is provided through chat dialogue, email communications, or instant messaging between the teacher candidate and their students.
  • Feedback for each student must be addressed individually.
  • Screenshot of written communication where feedback is provided between the teacher candidate and their students. (For example: In a Google doc or Google slide comments where feedback is provided).
  • Alternative evidence submitted in lieu of standard evidence of feedback must still demonstrate all of the required elements measured within Task 3.

Q: What should I do before I submit my edTPA for alternate arrangements?
A: Candidates must complete the following steps to request alternative arrangements due to a virtual learning environment:

  • Review your request with the edTPA Program Coordinator, Dr. Brenda Strassfeld (Brenda.strassfeld@touro.edu). The edTPA Program Coordinator must certify that you are completing your edTPA assessment in a teaching environment that prohibits your ability to fulfill the standard artifacts and evidence requirements.
  • Download the Request Form and complete all required sections.
  • Ensure that your edTPA Program Coordinator submits the completed form via email to edTPAEPPSupport@pearson.com. (For the purpose of verifying the placement, the form should be emailed by the edTPA Program Coordinator.) You will be contacted with the resolution of your request within two business days of your submission.