Fall 2020 Clinical Practice


In accordance with Touro College and the Graduate School of Education’s fall programming, the following frequently asked questions for clinical practice, along with their answers, are provided. These guidelines are generated to aid your success during your fall 2020 clinical experience. It is vital that you also familiarize yourself with the clinical handbook for your program and maintain frequent contact with your University Supervisor.

Q: I am enrolling in clinical practice for Practicum/Internship/Student Teaching for fall 2020. Will the edTPA waiver apply to me?

A: Not at this time. Our colleagues at NYSED are collaborating with preparation programs for a future decision. In the event there is an update, this site will be changed and you will be notified by your clinical faculty.

Q: Who is eligible for the one-year Emergency COVID-19 certificate?

A: Only candidates who were enrolled in Practicum (Student Teaching) or an Internship for School/District Leadership spring and or summer 2020 are eligible. Candidates enrolled in clinical practice fall 2020 are not eligible.

Q: I am registered for fall 2020 clinical practice but do/may not have access to the P-12 environment. How might I complete my clinical requirements?

A: Fall 2020 clinical requirements may be satisfied through alternate means that include indirect services (i.e., activities that do not require direct access to P-12 learners, schools, and/or personnel). Each program will provide guidance on acceptable indirect services. Candidates will be expected to continue to document clinical hours completed. Please note that candidates seeking an initial certification in teaching or pupil personnel services and who are enrolled in Practicum or an Internship fall 2020 may not meet clinical requirements fully by alternate means. They must have access to the P-12 environment to complete some direct services working with students and school personnel. This requirement for some direct services also applies to candidates registered in a program leading to educational leadership certification.

Q: What are examples of alternate means for meeting the required hours for clinical experience?

A: Alternate means will largely consist of indirect services, whereby the candidate does not have direct contact with P-12 students and personnel. Programs may require video analysis, simulations in which candidates develop instructional/counseling/leadership plans and execute the plan for an audience of peers, or other assignments. Instructions will be provided during clinical course work.

Q: Might I combine alternate clinical assignments for indirect services with direct services completed in person or via virtual/telecommute P-12 environment to meet the clinical requirements for fall 2020?

A: Yes! Consult with your University Supervisor for further guidelines for assurance that combined assignments are appropriate.

Q: How will I manage the documentation and submission of my assignments and time logs?

A: All assignments are expected to be submitted through Canvas. Individual faculty may require assignments to be submitted through Chalk and Wire. Do follow the directions of your instructor. Candidates are expected to document the hours for their clinical practice activities, whether indirect or direct (i.e., those activities that require direct contact with P-12 students and stakeholders).

Q: What are my options, should I not fulfill the requirements for clinical practice by the scheduled last day of coursework?

A: For candidates who do not complete all requirements for clinical practice by last day of coursework, the option of an Incomplete Contract should be considered and discussed with the instructor of record.