Emergency COVID-19 Certification and Summer 2020 Clinical Practice

In response to the ongoing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Governor’ extension of the New York State on Pause executive order through at least May 15, NYSED seeks to provide flexibility on the certification requirements and is creating an Emergency COVID-19 certificate and expanding the edTPA safety Net to Summer 2020 New York State registered educator preparation program candidates. See also guidance for summer 2020 clinical practice.

Q: I am enrolling in clinical practice for Practicum/Internship/Student Teaching for summer 2020. Will the edTPA waiver apply to me?
A: Yes. See the FAQs for spring 2020.

Q: Who is eligible for the one-year Emergency COVID-19 certificate?
A: Candidates who have completed all certification requirements before or on September 1, 2020, with the exception of certification exams, may apply should they seek certification or extension in one of the following Touro programs below. Candidates who completed their programs prior to Spring 2020 and meet the requirements outlined here are also eligible for the Emergency COVID-19 certificate.

  • Bilingual Education extension, Gifted Education extension, Initial or Professional certificate in the classroom teaching service, Initial or Professional certificate in the educational leadership service (School Building Leader, School District Leader, School District Business Leader), Initial Reissuance, Subject in Grades 7-9 extension, Subject in Grades 5-9 or 7-12 for Students with Disabilities extension, or Supplementary certificate.
  • Or a graduate from an acceptable out-of-state teacher or educational leadership preparation program with less than three years of acceptable experience in another state prior to the fall 2020 term (e.g., not eligible for the “Endorsement of a Certificate” pathway).

Q: What is the cost to apply for the Emergency COVID-19 certificate?
A: There is no application fee for the certificate.

Q: How do I apply for the Emergency COVID-19 Certificate?
A: You will apply for the emergency certificate through your TEACH account, once the option is made available. When doing so, you will have to apply for your initial certification at the same time.

Q: What is the duration of the Emergency COVID-19 certification and may it be renewed?
A: The Emergency COVID-19 certification is valid for one year. Should a candidate not earn a passing score on all required certification exams prior to the expiration date of the emergency certificate, s/he can apply for a one-time, one-year extension of the certificate that extends the first Emergency COVID-19 certificate expiration date by one year. For renewal, a candidate must receive a recommendation for the renewal from a principal and the superintendent in the New York State school district in which s/he is employed, or a recommendation for the renewal from the BOCES district superintendent in the BOCES in which the candidate is employed.

Q: I am registered for summer 2020 clinical practice, but do/may not have access to the P-12 environment. How might I complete my clinical requirements?
A: Summer 2020 clinical requirements may be satisfied through alternate means that include indirect services (i.e., activities that do not require direct access to P-12 learners, schools, and/or personnel). Each program will provide guidance on acceptable indirect services. Candidates will be expected to continue to document clinical hours completed.