10 Creative Ways Teachers Are Keeping Students Safe During Covid-19

Get Inspired By These Classroom Ideas We Found On Instagram

December 01, 2020

It sounds hyperbolic, but it’s true: Teachers amaze us every single day. From the experienced and beginning teachers we’ve enrolled in our Master’s programs in Education & Special Education, to teachers around our nation who willingly share their brilliant ideas on social media for the benefit of their peers—they’re all just incredible.

Especially during a pandemic that no one saw coming.

If you’re a teacher or aspire to be one, our hearts go out to you for doing what you can to make all things Covid-19 a little less scary for your younger students and prioritizing their health and safety. 

Want some inspiration for your own classrooms? Take a look at these creative ideas we found on Instagram.

1. A sink area that'll make them smile.


2. In lieu of hugs and handshakes, a list of contactless ways to greet your children.


 3. A sanitation station right by the door.  

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4. A calming start to the day.


5. A way to reward good behavior and make mask-wearing fun.

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I’ve got some new products up and ready to go! Link in profile for each one . . . 

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6.  Decked out desks that make the plexiglass less scary. 

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7. Making hand-washing a daily staple in your classroom schedule.

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8. Personalized water bottles so there are no duplicates and no mistakes.

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mrs. dwyer took an extra step in preparing for when her class transitions back to the building by personalizing a water bottle for each student! 

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9. A social, but still distanced way to set up your desks.


10. Partner up with a local organization (or in this case, The Home Depot) to provide seating for outdoor learning. 

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