Education & Special Education

Our Master's programs in Education & Special Education are designed for experienced teachers seeking an advanced degree and students at the beginning of their careers.

Completion of a program leads to a Master of Science degree as well as certification in both general and special education (birth-grade 2 or grades 1-6) or special education (grades 7-12), upon your meeting all NYSED requirements, including taking required seminars and workshops, filing fingerprints with NYSED, and passing NYS teacher certification exams.

We offer three programs:

What You’ll Learn

Whatever your program, you’ll be exposed to the latest evidence-based teaching theories and methods and how to integrate common core learning standards into your teaching. You’ll learn how critical it is to understand the various cultural contexts of the New York City metro area’s large and diverse student body. You’ll also get ample time putting what you’ve learned into practice in actual classrooms.

Explore the important role that home life and community plays in a child’s emotional and academic development, as well as innovative approaches to encourage creative and critical thinking.

Take state-required seminars and workshops on topical concerns such as child abuse, school violence prevention, substance abuse, child safety, autism and bullying and harassment. We also offer test prep workshops to help prepare you for your teacher certification exams.

Make sure to review our admissions requirements and certification guidelines, and contact us with any questions.

Online Option

The three programs described above may be completed online, with the exception of field experience and practicum courses, which require work in actual school classrooms. All online courses are asynchronous (students are not required to log on and meet at specific times during the semester) and are offered through the Canvas platform. Online courses use the same syllabi and have the same student learning objectives as live courses. Check if online courses are right for you.

Matriculated & Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students can apply and register online. Non-matriculated students taking online courses should contact Virginia Seda, Online Site Director, at for advisement on the courses to take to achieve their goals.

Matriculated students should meet with their program personnel and register through the TouroOne portal.