Master’s in School Leadership: FAQs About This Popular Degree

What is a School Building Leader? Is an MEd in School Leadership Worth It? Read On

December 04, 2020
Three students looking ready to earn their Master\'s in School Leadership
Touro’s School Leadership program leads to New York State certification as a School District Leader or School Building Leader.

As a teacher, there may come a time, perhaps that’s now, when you feel like you could be doing more. Not inside the walls of your classroom—you’re already a fantastic teacher—but maybe for your school building as a whole or even your larger district.

That’s where a Master’s in School Leadership comes in. 

But with so many education-related options out there today, it can be tough to discern which master’s degree is really suitable for your aspirations and if it’s even worth it. 

So in this post, we rounded up a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive from teachers who are curious about this type of school or educational leadership graduate degree in general and about Touro GSE’s MS in School Leadership in particular. 

Take a look, and if you don’t see your question here, please feel free to reach out anytime.

What is a School Building Leader? 

While you could be unofficially considered by others as a leader in your specific school building, there actually is a certification examination that teachers can take to officially become a School Building Leader.

According to the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations’ School Building Leader assessment framework, a School Building Leader: 

  • has the knowledge and skills to develop an educationally effective school faculty and staff through hiring, evaluation, supervision, and professional learning opportunities
  • knows how to foster positive relationships with families, businesses, and other members of their community
  • can promote an organizational culture of academic excellence, continuous improvement, civic responsibility, and digital citizenship
  • (and a whole lot more.)

In a nutshell, you’d be thinking about student success, school culture, community engagement, and every kind of system that helps your particular school achieve its goals.

What is a School District Leader? 

Similar to a School Building Leader, a School District Leader also earns certification through the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations. 

As described in their assessment framework, a School District Leader:

  • works with the board of education or other governing entity, building leaders, and other key educational stakeholders to create a vision for schooling within the district
  • initiates and manages change to improve student performance
  • uses data to assess the state of the district and its schools, and proposes solutions to its biggest challenges

In other words, whereas School Building leaders focus mainly on their individual schools’ strengths and areas of opportunity, School District leaders are involved in district-wide change. 

Should I earn a Master’s in School Leadership?

If any of those larger responsibilities appeal to you, then absolutely! Touro’s School Leadership program leads to New York State certification as a School District Leader or School Building Leader, if you meet the certification requirements and pass the State licensure exam. But more importantly, you’ll learn what it takes to be a good, responsible, ethical leader. 

Setting aside time to earn a master’s degree in the very field you wish to have an impact in, is one of the smartest decisions you could make. After all, as a teacher, you promote the importance of lifelong learning and education to your own students. Consider all that you’d learn in a Master’s in School Leadership program. 

In Touro’s, for instance, you’ll take courses in the personnel functions of a school leader, education law and ethics for school leaders, technology for school administrators, and more—in addition to completing internship experience. 

How long does Touro's Master's in School Leadership program take to complete?   

Most students complete the program within 18-24 months. 

Are all classes online? How does that work?

All courses in our program can be completed online (with the exception of the internship which would be done at your school.) Online classes are asynchronous—which means you can complete them on your own time. Your professor will schedule at least one synchronous meeting per semester, but will contact students to determine the best time for that meeting; your schedule and lifestyle are always top of mind for our faculty.

How do I complete the internship while also working?  

The internship is completed at the school you're already working at and arranged with the administration. To make sure it's as smooth an experience as possible, it's also required for the building leader to sign an internship agreement and proposal. 

What is the tuition for Touro's MS in School Leadership? 

Tuition is competitive within the region and among private colleges and universities at $610 per credit hour. And we're more than happy to offer financial aid guidance, counseling, and assistance to our students—either online or on campus. 

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