Touro's NY and CA Schools of Education Team Up For DEEP Equity Now Series

Free Virtual Six-Part Webinar on Establishing Meaningful Equity in Education

February 16, 2022
jacob easley II
Dr. Jacob Easley II, dean of Touro College Graduate School of Education in NY

Commitment to creating more “equity” within education and healthcare institutions is a high priority for most and yet, too often this concept is reduced to being a buzzword without any meaning or tangible, actionable solutions behind it.

To create substantive and meaningful discussion on how conceptualizations of equity in our institutions can become actionable, Touro Graduate School of Education (Touro GSE) located in New York and the Touro University College of Education and Health Sciences (Touro CEHS) located in California joined forces to launch “DEEP Equity Now.” The goal of this free, six-part virtual webinar series is to prepare educators to elevate the discussion beyond the safe and performative aspect of equity and into work that becomes transformative and tangible.

“Providing students of all backgrounds the opportunities necessary to be successful is the responsibility of our education system, but too often those from minority communities are left behind, even when intentions may be otherwise,” said Dr. Jacob Easley II, dean at Touro GSE, “The intention for this series is that we explore all aspects of Deep Equity, including taking the concept of social responsibility and incorporating it into our educational system in a tangible manner.”

The introductory session was held on February 9 and featured three distinguished deans: Dr. Lisa May Norton, with Touro University California, Dr. Easley, and Dr. Kimberly White-Smith, with the University of La Verne. The deans discussed what it takes to move the equity conversation from awareness to action, what it means to engage in DEEP Equity, and the possibilities for what this can look like at the actionable level at the respective institutions.

The session was moderated by Dr. Ijeoma Ononuju of Touro University California and Dr. Velma Cobb of the Lander Center for Educational Research at Touro GSE, who outlined what it takes to rise above circumstance and shine a light on equity. The full intro webinar can be viewed on YouTube.

The next installment in the DEEP Equity Now series, “DEEP Equity and HSIs,” will be held on February 23 at 3:30pm EST and will feature Dr. Marcella Cuellar, from the University of California Davis, discussing how institutions of higher education can better ensure equitable outcomes for Hispanic students, and how communities can hold these institutions accountable. Those interested in attending can register for the webinar.

“At Touro, we continuously strive to prioritize diversity, education and inclusion, including equipping our students and community with the critical thinking skills and perspective necessary to demonstrate these practices in their professional lives,” said Dr. Lisa Norton, dean at Touro University California. “We cannot hope to sufficiently prepare a new generation of teachers and education professionals without addressing the inconsistencies within our current system and have the difficult discussions needed to shed light on plausible solutions. This series is just one of the many ways in which the Touro community intends to pursue these initiatives.”

Upcoming webinars, which will feature diverse, leading voices on various topics, will also cover equity in the context of intersectionality, neurodiversity, culturally responsive leadership and implementing the lessons learned from the seminars into communities and practices.

Additional details on topics, dates and presenters for all of the remaining installments in the series can be found on Touro University California's site.