The Lander Center for Educational Research

The Lander Center for Educational Research is a leader in the development of habits of mind and praxis on the intersection of educational equity, access and systems change.

This intersectional approach highlights the interaction between individual, interpersonal, institutional and systemic/societal elements in teaching and learning. We promote ongoing learning among our constituents along the lines of these intersections to inform equitable educational effectiveness and improvement by disseminating current research and best practices.

In sum, our commitment to educational equity and access, systems change, and knowledge development and dissemination is encapsulated in the three following areas.

  1. Advancing Inclusive Teaching and Learning
  2. Research & Development
  3. Developing Collaborative Partnerships

We invite other educational leaders, scholars, practitioners, and advocates to join us in our work aimed at educational equity. For more information regarding the Lander Center, please contact Dr. Velma L. Cobb, Center Director, at, 212 463-0400, extension 55386.