How To Apply

Once you’ve visited the NYSED site and created your TEACH account, you’re ready to apply for New York State certification. 

10 Steps to Apply

1. Log in to the secure NYSED website with your username and password and select TEACH ONLINE SERVICES. Enter your Social Security Number to reach your TEACH homepage.

2. Under “Online Application,” select APPLY FOR CERTIFICATE and click the NEXT button on the following page. The screen should read “Verify/Update Profile.”

3. Proceed by selecting EDIT EDUCATION INFORMATION on the bottom right. The Institution Tab on the following page will list two options for Touro College: one for TOURO COLLEGE FLATBUSH and another for TOURO COLLEGE. Select the one that applies to you.

4. You’ll be asked to enter the following in the appropriate fields:

  • Award (Degree) Title
  • Program Code
  • Major
  • Date You Received Your Degree
  • Program Start and End Dates
  • Number of Program Credits Completed

Note: Find your program code, major, and credits information here.
Click ADD followed by DONE.

5. If you are applying for your professional certificate, you must next select ENTER EMPLOYMENT INFO. (If you are not applying for the Professional Certificate, you should skip step 5 and proceed to step 6.) Enter all of the required information and then click the ADD followed by DONE. Proceed by clicking NEXT.

6. Now you’re ready to actually apply for your certificate. On this page, enter the following where prompted:

  • Area of Interest
  • Subject Area
  • Grade Level
  • Title
  • Type of Certificate

Note: Refer to Forms and Codes for help with program codes.  

Once this information has been entered, click ADD followed by NEXT.

7. Once you’ve completed the application, the following page will prompt you to choose a pathway. This step is very important. If you are applying for certification in the concentrated area in which you have completed your Master’s degree, you need to choose the APPROVED TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAM PATHWAY and click NEXT.

8. The next step is signing the affidavit. You’ll first be asked a few questions about your moral character determination. Answer the questions when prompted and select SIGN AFFIDAVIT at the bottom right of the page.

9. Confirm that all of the information entered is correct and click SIGN APPLICATION at the bottom of the page.

10. Once you’ve completed your application for certification, please be sure to have taken and passed the required NYSED exams. In order for the NYSED to issue teaching certificates, candidates must have:

  • an application on file
  • completed all state required exams,
  • fingerprints on TEACH account, and
  • an institutional recommendations entered in the TEACH account.

Recommendations are only entered once the candidate have met all program requirements and have had their degree conferred.

Congratulations! Your application is now on file with the NYSED.

Payment Options

You can pay for your certificate through the TEACH online system using your credit card or by sending a money order to the NYSED office at:
Office of Teaching Initiatives
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Ave, 5N EB
Albany, NY 12234

Note: All payments for certificates should be $50 if you applied through the APPROVED TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAM PATHWAY. If you were charged $100, then you applied through the wrong pathway and need to get the amount corrected by calling the TEACH helpline at (518) 486-6041.


Contact the Office of Teacher Certification with any questions or recommendation requests at