Types of Certification


Internship Certification

Certificate issued to a student in a registered or approved graduate teacher education program, permitting the holder to serve an internship in a public school. Issued at the request of the college or university, provided that the student has completed one-half of the program's semester hour requirement and has guaranteed employment in a school district.  This certificate is maintained electronically in the TEACH system, no actual paper certificate is generated.

Valid for two years and not renewable.


Initial Certification

The entry-level certificate for classroom teachers, issued in specific subject/grade titles, and the entry-level certificate for School Building Leader (SBL).

Valid for 5 years. Leads to: Professional Certificate.


Permanent Certification

The advanced-level certificate for pupil personnel professionals. The Permanent certificate also remains the advanced-level certificate for classroom teachers and school administrators who hold a valid Provisional certificate.

Valid for life, unless revoked for cause by the New York State Education Department.