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Touro GSE is teaming up with the New York State Department of Education, SUNY Buffalo State, SUNY New Paltz, Syracuse University, Touro Graduate School of Education, CUNY Queens College (NYS Leadership Team) and the CEEDAR Center to help reform general/special education Teacher and Leader Preparation Reform. 

CEEDAR or, “Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform,” is a national organization which helps states and institutions of higher education reform their teacher and leader preparation programs, revise licensure standards to align with reforms, refine personnel evaluation systems, and realign policy structures and professional learning systems. 

Together, the team seeks to approach reform and improvement at two levels. First, we seek to address a statewide need for an evidence-based knowledge approach to Inclusive Education that adequately addresses the complexities of effectively including all learners in today’s classrooms. Second, as we expand this evidence-based general/special education teacher and leader preparation knowledge-base, we intend to develop an efficient dissemination model that provides all New York State institutions of higher education access to resources and materials through a tangible and organized infrastructure that provides user-friendly illustrations of successful practices.

Touro’s goals for collaboration with CEEDAR and participation on the NYS Leadership Team include: 

  1. The integration of High-Leverage Practices in Teacher Preparation and Leadership Program Curricula with a focus on fully preparing teachers and leaders for Inclusive classrooms
  2. Ensuring quality training of teacher and leadership candidates in the application of best practice models and educational technology in preparation for diverse inclusive environments
  3. Fostering P-12 partnerships for teacher development through deliberate clinical practice via Professional Development Schools
  4. Creating a systematic pipeline for minority teacher recruitment
  5. Developing a system whereby program outcomes will inform sustainability planning and influence policy and practice.

Dr. Susan Courey, Chair, MS Education / Special Education (birth-grade 2), and the Touro GSE team lead explains, “In varied ways but with a single purpose, our institutions of higher education teams are preparing all educators to work with all students. We share the belief that all children and students with disabilities are considered general education students first; and all educators, regardless of which students they are assigned to serve, have a collective responsibility to see that all children receive the education and the supports they need to maximize their development and potential, allowing them to participate meaningfully in the nation’s economy and democracy."


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The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) at Touro University is a partnership between the New York State Education Department and Touro's Graduate School of Education (GSE) and New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS). By providing academic assistance, mentorship, and guidance to middle and high school students in their transition to higher education and the workforce, Touro LPP aims to inspire students to envision their goals for the future while providing support in achieving them. We currently work with 200 middle and high school students in several New York City public schools.

Touro Holmes Masters'

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The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) is part of a national network of institutions working to develop and support historically underrepresented students in the education field. The Touro Holmes Masters' Program is part of this national network as it enables candidates to enjoy tailored opportunities and support from peer networks, program administrators, and alumni mentors. The program helps participants explore a variety of career options related to education. Prospective applicants can review eligibility and expectations for the Touro Holmes Masters' Program and apply. Watch the video welcome from Lynn M. Gangone, Ed.D., President and CEO, AACTE.


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Touro College Graduate School of Education is one of three New York Institutions of Higher Education, and the only independent college, to join the University-School Partnership for the Renewal of Educator Preparation National Center (US PREP). Sarah Beal, the US PREP executive director explains, “the ultimate goal of the coalition is to positively impact K-12 students by building teacher-candidate competency to meet all students where they are and advance their learning by giving them what they need. US PREP supports each of the providers so they are grounded in authentic university-school partnerships. When universities and K-12 systems work together, they become incubators of improvement and innovation." [Watch the Dr. Celestial Wills-Jackson video interview of Sarah Saltmarsh, Ed.D. and Linda Scott, Ed.D. of US PREP at Touro College.]

The partnership began in spring 2018, and we anticipate the onboarding of new candidates fall 2019. Integrating the goals of CEEDAR, the program will work to transform clinical preparation in Special Education and General Education, while attending to the ideals of Professional Development School Work and minority teacher recruitment and development. Collaborative programming with the New York City Department of Education as a partner and a commitment to evidenced-based quality continuous improvement distinguishes our participation in this national coalition.