Our Mission

Education is a critical tool for improving the lives and opportunities of all people. 

In keeping with its mission and Judaic commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit, and service to humanity, Touro College created the Graduate School of Education in 1993 to address the growing need for competent and compassionate educators in New York’s communities and schools.

Sustaining Diversity

We recruit and serve a student body that represents the diversity found in public school systems in New York and throughout the nation. Our goal is to prepare culturally fluent and highly capable teachers, leaders, and support personnel to meet the unique challenges and needs of today’s classrooms. 

Encouraging Life Long Learning

Central to our core philosophy is the belief that learning is its own reward. We help students develop the critical, analytical, technological, and research skills they need to continuously learn and develop as professional educators.

Our curriculum emphasizes research while equipping students to meet the latest pedagogical standards and thrive in all educational settings. GSE faculty conduct and collaborate with students on innovative research that contributes toward new educational theories and best practices, so that we can improve education for present and future generations of K-12 students. 

Serving All Communities

We use our resources to educate and empower New York’s vast and diverse population, while simultaneously nurturing among our students their own long-term commitments to serving children, families, and communities near and far.