Jeff Lichtman, Ph.D.

Director, Student Mental Health Services at Touro College & University System and Lucille Weidman Director, Graduate Jewish Education & Special Education

Professor, Jewish Education & Special Education

Department of Jewish Childhood Education & Special Education

Graduate School of Education

Areas of Expertise

Teacher training and preparation, individual and group counseling, social skills development, Jewish general and special education, disabilities, inclusion, children, teens and families, parenting, psychology, mental health, and organizational and community leadership


Dr. Jeff Lichtman, a school psychologist with many years of experience in both regular and special education settings, is the Lucille Weidman Chair of the newly established graduate program in Jewish Childhood Education & Special Education, Grades 1-6, at Touro College Graduate School of Education.

As Director Emeritus of Yachad (the National Jewish Council for Disabilities), Jeff is well-known for his more than 30 years of visionary leadership where he grew Yachad into a worldwide force for inclusion and innovative programs, serving children and adults with disabilities.


Jeff has masters’ degrees in psychology and education from St. Johns University and NYU. He received his undergraduate, rabbinical training and doctorate from Yeshiva University.