Seminars are not for credit, but they are required for NYS licensing. A schedule of seminars are posted to the calendar and the portal.

EDDN 510: Seminar in Substance Abuse
Seminar on the nature of substances of abuse, including legal as well as illegal drugs; factors associated with avoidance of and resistance to use and abuse of substances; risk factors; and research on effective school-based substance abuse prevention programs.

EDDN 511: Seminar in Child Abuse Identification and Reporting
Seminar on the identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect; signs and symptoms to look for; ways to approach children; understanding the variety of ways children may convey that they are being abused or neglected; teacher concerns regarding reporting abuse or neglect; rationalizations for not reporting; working with systems; and the aftermath of reporting abuse or neglect. 

EDDN 512: Seminar in Child Safety, Abduction Prevention, and Fire and Arson Prevention
Seminar on basic principles of child safety EDDNcation; particular safety issues and risk factors for children of different ages; use of developmentally appropriate methods and materials to convey safety principles; proper use of materials and environments with attention to safety hazards, including fire; and refusal skill instruction, including skills related to fire and arson prevention as well as child abduction. 

EDDN 513: Seminar in School Violence Prevention and Intervention
Seminar on statutes, regulations and policies relating to a safe, nonviolent school climate; effective classroom management techniques and academic supports that promote a nonviolent school climate and enhance learning; social and problem-solving skill development for students within the regular school curriculum; warning signs within a developmental and social context that relate to violence and other troubling behaviors in children; intervention techniques to address school violence situations, and how to participate in an effective school/community referral process for students exhibiting violent behavior.