Rosalie Joy (Sally) Schwartz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Education & Special Education

Department of Education & Special Education

Graduate School of Education

Rosalie Schwartz

Rosalie Joy (Sally) Schwartz, Ph.D. has been an associate professor at Touro's Graduate School of Education for approximately 10 years. Prior to that, but after retiring from the New York City/State Department(s) of Education where she was a full time employee for approximately 33 years, and while she was an adjunct professor at Touro’s Graduate School of Education, Dr. Schwartz was employed as the principal of a private special education school that accepts some of the most severely special needs children in New York City. As a full time employee of the New York City/State Department(s) of Education, her positions ranged from first being an early childhood teacher, a reading teacher/coordinator, a funded program manager and competitive grant writer, a principal in regular and special education schools in the City and on Long Island and then an assistant superintendent/director of literacy for the City. The title of Dr. Schwartz' doctoral dissertation is, "The Effects of Visual Scanning and Classification Training on Piagetian Tasks". In her free time Dr. Schwartz does volunteer work, sings cabaret and enjoys dancing, scuba diving and skiing.