Experience tested.

Your internship is an opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical training you've received through your coursework to everyday school situations.

We've provided you with guidelines and required projects to guide your internship. Follow the directions provided to make sure you gain the most out of your internship experience. When planning your activities, consult with your Site Supervisor to make sure your internship involves work on leadership teams and provides experience in problem solving and educational planning in a cooperative setting. All the activities and assignments will be invaluable as you prepare to join the ranks of school administrators and leaders.


The Internship Agreement clarifies your responsibilities for your internships, and the roles of your site supervisor and faculty advisor. Before you start, you must sign the Internship Agreement (for Internship Agreement for EDDN 697 SBLInternship Agreement for EDDN 698 SBL and/or Internship Agreement for EDDN 698 SDL) and get the required signatures from your site supervisor and your faculty advisor. The completed agreement must be submitted to your faculty advisor. 

Administrative and Leadership Competencies should be used as a guide for planning and organizing your activities and projects.

Make sure to complete your Daily Log. Your Situational Journal should be an expansion of an activity recorded in the Daily Log. Interns must fully describe thirty (30) situations.