Mathematics Education

Today’s students need a better understanding of math to help prepare them for college and careers. You can make the difference. 

We offer two routes to a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education: one for certified teachers seeking professional certification (Mathematics 7-12), and another for those looking for teacher certification.

Both programs prepare future educators to teach the Common Core, while emphasizing compassionate, culturally responsive instruction for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

M.S. in Mathematics Education Leading to Initial Certification

The 39-credit course of study is designed for students with a strong background in and understanding of mathematics (at least 24 credits in higher mathematics) who are interested in teaching mathematics in middle or high school, whether or not you already have teaching experience. The program introduces students to classroom management strategies and evidence-based instructional techniques and includes 100 hours of participatory observations plus two practica experiences (100 hours of teaching, each) and provides rigorous preparation in math content areas.

We study the latest educational theories and practices to help encourage critical thinking among 5th-12th grade students. You will learn methods and materials for student assessment, teacher accountability, and data-driven decision-making. In short, we teach you how to be an effective, exceptional math teacher.

M.S. in Mathematics Education Leading to Professional Certification

Our 30-credit option is ideal for teachers certified in Adolescent Mathematics who don’t yet hold a related Masters Degree. The program focuses on advanced mathematics content and pedagogy and includes 50 hours of fieldwork. We also offer MTHE 602: Teaching Mathematics to Students with Special Needs, so you can fulfill the Students with Disabilities requirement. 

If you have any questions about the program or our admissions requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.