EDDN 621 Developing School-Wide Enrichment Programs

This course will review the research and his­tory of gifted education relating to enrich­ment programs in particular. The course will focus on the philosophy and works of J.S. Renzulli, E.P. Torrance, and H. Gardner, and their theories of giftedness. Methods for pro­viding differentiated instruction within learning environments for gifted (and non-gifted) students will be explored through the implementation of a classroom-based or school-based gifted program or model.

EDDN 622 Developing Creative Thinking Skills in Gifted Students

This course will focus on the practical (i.e., problem-solving) and theoretical aspects of creativity. The course provides a basic overview of major definitions, theories and concepts related to the thinking skills and creativity. Students will reflect upon their own creativity to effectively foster the cre­ative process within a differentiated class­room. During the course students will develop a working definition of creativity and adapt methods of identifying and as­sessing creativity applicable to gifted and talented individuals. Students will discuss how to enhance personal creativity by aligning it to digital technology.

EDDN 623 Identifying and Developing Programs for Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities

This course will focus on identifying stu­dents with learning disabilities who are gifted. The course explores how these gifted and talented learning disabled (GTLD) stu­dents are assessed and provided for accord­ing to Federal and state education mandates. During the course students will develop methods of identifying and assessing gifted and/or talented children who learn at a sig­nificantly different pace from other students in regular education classes. Students will learn to distinguish between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and GTLD characteristics. Students will study the unique learning needs of the LD population with respect to GT education and explore hands-on approaches and mod­ified curriculum units using differentiated pedagogy. Throughout the course students will enhance the skills needed to effectively collaborate with parents, students, and school personnel with respect to GT/LD populations.

EDDN 624 Critical Issues in Gifted Education

This course will focus on topics relating to past, current and future issues regarding gifted and talented education. Students will examine multiple trends and theories in gifted education applicable to their current teaching assignments and the New York State certification exam. Students will share ideas about the importance of en­richment programs as part of the instruc­tional day and assess Carol Tomlinson’s approach to differentiation.

EDDN 629 Gifted and Talented Fieldwork

In this course, students will have the op­portunity to gain practical experience in a Gifted and Talented classroom for 50 hours under the mentorship of experienced and appropriately certified teachers and an as­signed Touro faculty member. In addition, students will work individually with the Touro faculty member on a research proj­ect related to their work in this field expe­rience course.