Debra Waxman, M.S.Ed.

Associate Professor, Education & Special Education

Department of Education & Special Education

Graduate School of Education

Debra Waxman

Debra Waxman, M.S.Ed, L.M.H.C., is a New York State Certified School Psychologist and New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Professor Waxman, who has for the majority of her career worked as a School Psychologist and Mental Health Counselor in multiple professional venues including the Department of Education of the City of N.Y., private Hebrew day schools, and counseling agencies, has since Fall 2010 been employed as  Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education of Touro College.

Professor Waxman's professional interests included psychological assessments of children with learning and emotional disabilities and recommendation of appropriate class placement and services. Professor Waxman worked with school administrators to evaluate outcome measures of educational interventions, supervised teachers, ran parent workshops, and interfaced with community members regarding educational and cultural diversity issues.